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      Pump Outs

      Proper maintenance is the key if you
      want to ensure you get a long life out
      of your septic system.

      Septic tank cleaning is the flagship and cornerstone service of our company. We take pride in our workmanship and quality of service. Our skilled technicians are experts in working with any type of treatment vessel such as septic tanks, holding tanks, aerobic tanks, and cesspools in the Poconos.


      Gotta Go Septic Systems relies on four expert
      service technicians and three fully loaded
      service trucks capable of repairing any mechanical
      component of an on-lot wastewater treatment plant.

      We are well equipped with a variety of effluent pumps, alarm kits and components, float switches, and an assortment of electrical components used in most plants or systems. We also install grinder pumps for homes. This wastewater conveyance device takes waste from water-using household appliances to the pump’s holding tank, grinds the waste and pumps it into the central sewer system or septic tank. All of our technicians are proficient in performing safe confined space entries as per 29 CFR 1910.146(g)-(j) of the Federal OSHA Regulations.

      Gotta Go Septic Systems is the leading
      service provider for on-lot sewage
      disposal systems, from diagnosis to
      development of solutions and repairs.

      First, we provide a complete diagnosis of the system which then generates a solution by either our engineers or certified sewage enforcement officers. Once a solution has been derived, our design team will draw up a design and our installation will follow by completing the repair. We are fully aware of Pennsylvania regulations and can guide customers as to what solution is best for each condition.


      The Gotta Go Septic design team is focused on
      creating innovative solutions and stands out
      in designing on-lot sewage disposal systems
      including alternate and experimental systems.

      Our team includes several certified sewage enforcement officers or SEOs, a professional engineer (PE), as well as an experienced CAD operator who specializes in designing conventional in-ground systems, holding tanks, spray irrigations, drip irrigations, sand mounds A-B soil, and peat moss.

      Gotta Go Septic Systems runs lot surveys (PLS) and site suitability consultations. We have years of experience in applying and obtaining stream discharge permits.

      Our installation team is comprised of one part-time installation crew and two full-time crews. Each crew is managed by a supervisor who fully understands the system being installed as required by state regulations, makes sure the municipal inspector is kept updated of the progress of the installation, and oversees the work performed by the crew. Gotta Go Septic Systems is a leader in the installation of new, alternate, and experimental technologies. All of our comprehensive residential installations are backed by our three-year extendable warranty.

      Grinder Pumps

      Is your Grinder Pump Alarm Buzzing?! Let the
      trusted and reliable technicians at Gotta Go
      Septics find the root of the problem and repair
      any and all parts of your Grinder Pump System.

      With confidence, we believe we are the most knowledgeable in the Pocono Mountains area when it comes to Grinder Pump Repair, that is why we guarantee to fix the problem right the first time.

      Is your community a low-pressure sewer system? These communities require homes to have grinder pumps in order for their system to pump sewer through the system where gravity flow is not possible.

      The grinder pump is a very important part of your plumbing system. All of your wastewater travels to a tank connected to this pump where, once it reaches its fill line, the grind pump kicks into gear. It grinds down all the waste particles and then sends it away from the home to the septic or sewer system. It may be located in your yard, deep below the frost line, or in your basement. Sometimes, due to grease build up or system damage, the pump may not function or become hyperactive, constantly grinding. If you believe your grinder pump may need service, do not do this yourself. This can lead to electrical shock or damage to the system.

      There are always ways for your to keep your grinder pump working properly. If you are going out of town for a while, make sure you replace your wastewater with clean water. This will empty your wastewater tank and minimize any odors that could build up. You can do this by running your water until you hear your grinder pump working, then turning off the water. This will clear out any wastewater in your tank before your trip. You should also never throw anything down the drain that could clog your grinder pump or your system.

      Much like a garbage disposal, grinder pump
      blades can be damaged by these sort of
      seemingly benign items.

      Grease can also build up within the tank, causing the grinder pump to not register that it needs to empty out the tank. When this happens the pump may stop kicking on, allowing back-up of your plumbing and sewage which can leak back into your yard and your grinder pump alarm going off. Always make sure you dispose of materials in the proper way by reading the label. If your grind pump needs service, we have you covered. We are the experts in grinder pumps throughout Allentown, Lehigh Valley, Stroudsburg and all the Poconos area.

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